Superior Quality Assurance

Quality Department

At Graham Stamping we quality products, it’s the cornerstone of our business. We are constantly innovating and using the latest technology to get the very best results.

  • We are fully staffed 24 hours a day during the work week for both reactive and preventative maintenance.
  • To ensure all machinery and equipment involved in the production process is operating at 100% efficiency at all times, we make maintenance a #1 priority.
  • Our team manages a regular preventative maintenance schedule on all presses to minimize untimely downtime.
how we do it

How We Do It

With 20 in-house stamping presses ranging from 60-ton to 600-ton capacity, capability to offer progressive solutions and Nitrogen cylinder pressure control, and our Servo driven press feeding equipment we stay at the forefront of metal stamping.

  • Electronic Die sensing

    Our team prevents errors by setting parameters around how an operation can be performed. The parameters ensure correct project completion.
  • CMM Inspection

    Our Coordinate Measuring Machine software correctly verifies part dimensions.
  • SPC software system

    SPC is our manufacturing quality control software. The software improves overall quality, reduces defects, and achieves compliance. 
  • Network Integrated Workstations

    All of our shop workstations are networked which allows employees to easily reference our quality manual, operating procedures, and work instructions.
  • Real Time Computerized Barcoding

    Our comprehensive system ensures complete traceability of incoming, in-process, and finished inventory.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified and MAQMSR Compliant

    We are compliant with the high quality standards of the automotive industry.
  • Registered with International Fastener Institute (IFI)

    At Graham Stamping Company we meet or exceed all FQA requirements.

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