Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive Metal Stamping

All about advanced die stamping

At Graham Stamping, we are the experts, and we are here to support you with all of your metalwork needs. One way that we continue to meet your needs is by offering advanced processes such as "progressive metal stamping."

However, across 70 years in this industry, we realize that not everybody knows the ins and outs of making progressive stamping a profitable business venture.

What is progressive metal stamping?

Progressive stamping is an advanced process used in metal manufacturing. Advanced die stamping serves a range of industries by creating parts through high-volume production. Only one tool operates during the process, eliminating the need for further machining. This method allows production to occur at a much faster rate, making this a superior manufacturing endeavor. 

Individual workstations are an essential factor in the flow of this process. Unlike other practices requiring traditional cutting and bending, progressive stamping uses one procedure. Each workstation handles a different portion of stamping the component while the component remains attached to the stock strip. 

While stamping can also bend, punch, and coin, this system produces much less scrap metal. Recycle any scrap generated (and there won't be much!) for other uses. 

Now that you know the "what," here is the "why":

There are many benefits to using progressive stamping, making this process superior to other types of metalwork. The bottom line of progressive stamping is the versatility of metals. Progressive stamping is excellent for the most common metals, including:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Coated metals

Highlights In-depth: 

Speed & labor: More parts are made at once, as the stock strip maintains a continuous flow through individual workstations. Since there is no starting, stopping, and unloading, this system keeps production moving quickly. The machines run electronically, so this method requires fewer laborers operating each station. Thus, progressive stamping grants: quicker lead times, efficient production cycles, greater capacity, and fewer operators. 

Precision: Do not be afraid of complex geometric designs with advanced die stamping. The ability of one tool is immense in comparison to laser cutting and other bending procedures. 

Repeatability: Running parts at a high volume can be a challenge on equipment. You often face degradation, tool replacement, and costly repairs. However, progressive stamping uses sturdy dies, decreasing the wear and tear on your tooling. Hardy tooling ensures longevity and accurate components, even with lengthy projects. 

Cost-Effective: Waste is one of the most important concerns for most companies today. It is hard to see your unused materials end up in the scrap pile or, worse, straight into the dumpster. That is why progressive stamping should be your choice for high-volume production. Innovative shaping techniques ensure that most material ends up in the component and not on your shop floor. 

Progressive stamping is also suitable for:

  • Large bed capacity:
  • Feeding light to heavy gauge
  • Multiple cavities
  • High-speed capability

Still unsure?

Progressive stamping is used throughout the world every day. Industries from aerospace to automotive and even to ordinary household appliances all use stamped parts. You may be surprised just how many industries rely on progressive stamping! 

To answer any remaining questions, contact Graham Stamping Company for more information on advanced die stamping. 

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